All the info about Mesotherapy business tools : Blunt Cannulas

All the info about Mesotherapy business tools : Blunt Cannulas

Cosmetics business is very popular these days — in our first post today – we are going to talk about blunt cannulas and other tools that are used in mesotherapy and other surgerious and therapies.If you belong somewhere even near to the cosmetic world or are a beauty conscious person, then there is no way that you haven’t heard about blunt cannulas, micro needles of different sizes and different companies that offer dermal fillers. There are many different types of blunt cannulas with respect to their different sizes so that they can serve the different purposes they have been made available for.

These different blunt cannula areas are given below

  • Blunt cannulas have been used for more than 2 years by many experts who say that they have reduced bruising and its related effects dramatically in comparison to others
  • The needle openings which are closer to the end of the cannula are most useful because they have a lot exposure advantages
  • The 27 gauge 1-inch needle is the most precise one that one could use, as it is precise for improved success
  • It has been found that longer needles are difficult to work with because they are more difficult to assess the plane on which the cosmetologist is working for and they also tend to bend more too
  • Larger gauges can be more painful whereas small gauges like 30-gauge blunt cannulas and microneedles are so small to use except for fine lines, because for other areas, one’s hands normally get tired out due to pushing. They can be only used effectively for fine lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, cheeks and nose but are not good enough for use in the lip areas.
  • There are many different brands that offer non-coring and non-siliconized and cushioned infusion sites
  • Many needles contain an inserter and an infusion site within them and after the needle has been inserted into the implanted type of port then that inserter can be removed. This can serve as a great tip as it leaves behind only a small and low profile infusion site with the blunt cannula.
  • Some blunt cannulas also come in varying small sizes that range between 19 to 22-gauge sizes so that smaller areas can be targeted well too.
  • Blunt cannulas are a very important decision to be chosen as their different material can also cause changes in how they work. The ones made from stainless steel shall definitely have different features than those made with an aluminum alloy along with a needle for cleaning too.
  • The diameters of the inner and the outer size for the blunt cannula might vary which is why knowing the best features should be treated well while buying different brands from the market.

Hence, if you were looking for some tips as to which one of them would serve the best for their areas or if you have been confused about their uses then this is the best article for you as we hope that we have cleared up many of your queries and have guided you in the best possible way of all. The next time anyone has a doubt then you can clear that doubt of theirs too.

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