All info about Tools for Researching: Android and iOS apps

All info about Tools for Researching: Android and iOS apps

If you have been wasting your time in playing games and listening music, then stop now. You can use your Android phone for much more  better and superior purposes. If you are a student, then you can make use of your Android or iOS device to make research and get notes from internet by researching.

If you are a student or a constant research, then you must be doing three things. Google’ing, searching on Wikipedia and using social media for gathering knowledge.  But what if you do  not have your Laptop or home computer with you, let’s say you are on an airplane heading towards Italy.

Well, you can make use of your Android Phone or iOS device. You can use the following apps to get the info from internet without having the burden to hold all your books and notes with you. You may also get references from your friends by texting them for their recommended books online.

But what about using some apps that are developed for this purpose, that would be great. So here we go, we have some fantastic apps for you to learn and research with your phone or tablet. Have a look:


BrowZine is a tool for reading journals or we can say e-journals on android phones and tables on the web. It has the ability to combine different journals from several publishers thus allowing you to browse and read issues from a single platform without scrolling a lot of pages at a time.


This app is very similar to Reeder. Feedly is a stylish and full of fun app that offers creative ways to share and read content from your most favorite websites, social networks, feeds and networks. Feedly is available on both iOS and Android.

Simple Mp3 Downloader for Android

Simple mp3 Downloader allows you to search music on their directory. You can search tons of tracks from different albums and genres. Other than searching, it also has features like free mp3 player, music downloading and few other extra.


Flipboard allows to read content from Google reader, Twitter, Facebook and other websites that you bookmark in a magazine style layout. You can view everyday content like a newspaper, just follow stories, like them and share. This app is available on iOS and Android. You can also browse videos and photos and share them with your followers.


GoodReader is a super PDF reader with many advanced reading and markup capabilities. It is an excellent file manager, editor and text file reader. It can also be used as audio/video player, viewer of iWork files or MS office. But, there is a bad news for Android users that it is only available for iOS users.

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